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      Energized - a 70's and 80's party band was a favorite at
    Gables in Margate NJ doing many summer residencies.
    There were multiple versions of the band and even today can still
    be found  doing Reunion Shows at Maynard's in Margate NJ.
    The groups repetoire included all your favorite party covers, progressive rock such as Yes and Kansas, and  also released multiple Original  45's such as:
    "Drivin On", "Lovely Lady" and "Blue Jeans Dancer". 

    This version of the band included:
        The Late Derf Remington - Vocals, Guitar, Sax
        Mike DiMartinis - Vocals, Guitar
        Kevin Irvine - Vocals, Keyboards
        Tano Leporace - Vocals, Bass
        Bobby Farina - Drums
    Here you can enjoy some great memories hearing the band
    playing at Gables in Margate in the summer of 1981.
    Perhaps you will even sing along to
    Petticoat Junction and The Brady Bunch !
    Thanks to the late Denny McGeehan on sound for the recordings !
    Tracks  2 thru 13 were recorded live at
         Gables in Margate, NJ -  Summer of 1981
    Track 1 - "Drivin On" - Studio Release 45

    Quality of the almost 40 year old recordings vary !
    Just Added Tracks 14 thru 26 from Derf's Tape Collection
                       Thanks To  Mike from Energized !