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         FULL HOUSE  was one of the most well-known and popular bands in the Tri-State Area in the 70's,80's and 90's
      Full House featured the Unique Dual Frontmanship of   Bobby Hunter and Kenny Jeremiah (of The Soul Survivors).
        The band consisted of the top area players covering all styles of music from oldies,disco,dance,rock & roll and mainstream contemporary artists. This Band Does It All !
       The band was together from 1976 thru 1997 and was a staple at Bally's Billy's Pub and The Melody Lounge in Atlantic City, The Med in Somers Point, NJ and many more clubs all over the east coast.
         The band also released a remake of "Expressway To Your Heart" giving the classic oldie a new modern sound.
        Today you can still catch Bobby and Kenny with their band "The Jeremiah Hunter Band" continuing the fun and party atmosphere that was started with Full House.

    The Full House Band Members  (1983-1987):
          Kenny Jeremiah - Vocals, Percussion
          Bobby Hunter - Vocals, Percussion
          Frank Motti - Vocals, Guitar
          Henery Millen - Vocals, Bass
          Lou Cianciulli - Vocals, Keyboards
          Rick Zayas - Vocals, Keyboards
          Rick Dekarski - Keyboards
          Jim Krisandra - Vocals, Keyboards, Sax, Flute
          Jimmy "Chick" Cicchini - Drums
          Ed Genovese - Vocals, Drums
    All Tracks except "Expressway To Your Heart"      Recorded  Live at The Med - Somers Point, NJ  1983-87
    Live at The Med -  Somers Point, NJ  1983