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        The Glory Road Trio was a splinter group of the local band Glory Road.
        Formed in 1976 the acoustic trio performed covers and original material at local clubs.
        The Trio would become a mainstay at The Saloon in Buena, NJ, playing up to three nights a week, and performing mostly covers of CSNY, the Eagles, Joni Mitchell and other singer-songwriters.

    The Trio consisted of:
    Katie Schoch -Vocals
    Ernie Trionfo -Guitar/Vocals
    Vince Farinaccio -Guitar/Vocals

       This recording will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Glory Road Trio opening up for   Dr.T's Rock and Roll Show
    on December 30th, 1979  at The Saloon.
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    The recordings were restored as best as
    possible, with some drop-out and static,
    but overall a great show and performance ! c