HOME AT LAST    based in Southern New Jersey, delivers crisp and intelligent "snap-crackle-pop" rock music in the real "classic" tradition. Comprising guitarists Ernie Trionfo and Steve Shurman, bassist/keyboardist Bruce Pike, and percussionist Charlie Andaloro, HOME AT LAST has released four CDs, all on the indie Smiling Moose label: "Line By Line" (1989); "You Can't Fight Fiction" (1993); "Perfectly Good Cigar  (1997); and their latest CD "Radio Silence" (2006). In addition, they released a 4-song EP called "Warmer September" in 1992. They've won numerous awards, and have performed at countless "name" (and not-so-"name") venues on the East Coast. The "Radio Silence" CD is available at CD Baby

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