The RockineMusicVault is the sister site of which I started in the 1990's.
The purpose then was to have a local Phidalephia-South Jersey web site where you could
find information on local bands and clubs in the area.  Now its time to renew the mission and bring back all of those great bands many of us grew up with.

  What we are looking for are bands from the past, which were big in the area clubs, that played originals and/or cover tunes that we all seen growing up.

  We are not at this time looking for new bands with a tape or demo, but bands that bring back
memories of the past. You will find bands that played at Heaven, The Hollywood Bowl, The Galaxy,
The Rainbow Club, The Penalty Box, The Stardust, The Med, The Circle Tavern, Velvet Lounge ect.
    You get the Idea ! 
  If you have material that you think would be an addition to this site,
please contact us for consideration.

   This is a "FREE SITE" for the enjoyment of all the fans, band members, families and techs that made the past music scene so great !


While normally there is a high standard as to the quality of recording that get posted, that is not the 1st priority here. While sometime we get lucky and find a studio demo of these bands from the past, most are found from old reel to reel  or cassette tapes.
    Most cassette tapes were probably not expected to last 40 years, and some of the tapes actually fell apart while trying to play them back to transfer them to digital.
  While sometimes the recordings are not CD quality, the memories are more important.
  We use a variety of different type tape decks which have dual speed, DBX, Dolby, and tape head azimuth adjustments. Processing and re-mastering is done with Wavelab, Sonar, Sound Forge, Waves Plug-ins, Ozone and Sound Soap.
  If you have a tape of a band that you think may be a good fit for Rockline, then get in touch with us. We may be able to get the best sound as possible out of your old tape, or refer you to our friends that have many hours in recording studios,  post production and are expert in their field.
   We are also looking for old photos, promo material, flyers, schedules ect for new postings to add,
        as well as additions to already posted groups.
Contact us if you would like to contribute !
  Finally, the photos you see on this site are from many sources, including Facebook.
Many were taken by In-Tune Magazine in the 90's - Thank You In-Tune for all the Great Photos !

You can email us at: