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       Model One was a New Jersey-based original band evolved from the cover group “Fire.”
       Active from 1979 to 1985, Model One garnered attention from Canada’s Unidisc Records (Lime), Bill Eib (Robert Hazard) and Stan Vincent (John Lennon), with whom they eventually signed.
       As they evolved into an original band, they maintained a rigorous schedule on the cover band circuit in the Middle Atlantic area. Among their original songs were Model People, Big Kids, You Excite Me, Loving Cars, My Brother, Don’t Call Me Human, The Enchanter, I Am No Man, I Don’t Know, and Good Christians.
        The band dissolved in 1985, with the members each pursuing separate original projects.

        In 2006, keyboardist Rich Cassenti held a band reunion attended by all of the members at his New Jersey Shore home studio. While there, the band recorded an impromptu version of their song “The Enchanter.”
      Today the members are spread around the country, but still remain in contact with each other.
    aka The Fire Band
        Band Members
            Jayne Hendrick
    s - Vocals, Sax, Percussion
            Bill Robinson - Vocals, Bass, Bass Synth
            George Davidson - Vocals, Guitar
            Dan Lynch - Vocals, Keyboards (Early Band)
            Rich Cassenti - Vocals, Keyboards (Later Band)
            Charlie Andaloro - Drums

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