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      PRODIGY - was an 80's progressive rock party cover band
    that played in the Philadelphia Tri-State Area.  Do not mistake them for "The Prodigy" an English electronic dance music band from Braintree, Essex. The band co-shared the stage the summer of 1981 with "Energized" at Gables in Margate NJ.
         Founding members Jim Szypula and Jay MacLean recruited members Steve Tumblete and Artie Leandro and also brought in a "child prodigy" keyboardist Rick DaKarski completing the group. The band performed Styx and Kansas as well as party cover rock songs. They disbanded in the later part of 1982.

    Band Members:
       Steve Tumblete - Vocals, Guitar
       Jim Szypula - Vocals, Guitar
       Artie Leandro - Vocals, Bass
       Rick DeKarski - Keyboards
       Jay MacLean - Vocals, Drums
    Here you can here the band live from back in 1981
      All tracks were recorded live at
         Gables - Margate, NJ   Heaven -  Pensauken, NJ
         Bogeys - Brooklawn, NJ
         Quality of the almost 40 year old recordings vary !