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       On December 30th, 1979, Dr T assembled his  Rock & Roll Review for a Holliday Party at The Saloon in Buena, NJ.
       This year will be the 40th Anniversary of that incredable event ! The "Circus" included members of Timberlake, Glory Road, and other friends of Dr T (Ernie Trionfo)
    The Circus consisted of:
    Katie Schoch -Vocals
          Dr.T - Ernie Trionfo  -Guitar/Vocals
          Fred Lambert -Guitar/Vocals
          Dan Lynch -Keyboards/Vocals
          Michael Spina -Drums
          Charlie Andaloro -Drums *
          Dennis Davilio - Bass/Vocals
          Joe Bocchetti -Piano
          Chris Orazi -Percussion

      We have included some of the band banter before the tracks to give you a feel of the great party atmosphere and fun that always followed this great group of musicians.

       This is a Great Holliday Rememberance
    of our friends and musicians
    the late Ernie Trionfo and Dennis Davilio.

    The recordings are full of drop out and crackling as you might expect for 40 year old tapes, and some tracks were over satuated,
    but the memory always outways the quality !