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    & The Spiders
       Jimmy Carizzma and The Spiders  were
    the mainstay on monday nights at
    The Circle Tavern in Brigantine NJ.
       The band was an Oldies Party Band,
    covering the 50’s thru 70’s with party favorites, and attracting college students to
    seniors, and everyone in-between.
       They played up and down the coast, and
    also performed some skits including
    “The Stompettes” and
    “Alvin and The Chipmunk’s Christmas Song”

    This version of the band consisted of:
       Jimmy Carizzma - Vocals
       Ricky “Sinatra” – Vocals
       George Williams – Bass, Vocals
       Dan Dawson – Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
       John Peterson – Guitar, Vocals
       John Alberto – Drums, Vocals
       Johnny “Bad” – Sax, Vocals
    Jimmy Carizzma
      The recordings were made around 1988 at
          The Circle Tavern, Brigantine,NJ, 
          Skinny Minnies, Ocean City, MD
          The Stone Balloon, Newark,De