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         PEGASUS was one of the most successful Philadelphia Rock Bands in the 70's and 80's. The band originally from NY, moved to the Philadelphia area  around 1972 and had a long lifespan, that lasted to the late 80's.
         Pegasus has two 45 single releases, "A Heartbeat Away / Don't Talk To Me" and "Night Children / Hard Headed". They were managed by "Upstage Management" and booked by "Apollo Artists Attractions"

    *** The Pegasus Band History ***
       Noel Hagerty and Pete (Eggman) Smith moved from Oswego Ny to Philadelphia. They formed this areas 1st  version of Pegasus with Members... Mike Razolli (keyboards) Criis Moos (drums) and Frank Moos (guitar).
    Gaining momentum, they played local clubs and then a summer gig down in Wildwood Nj.

         We have included all 4 tracks of their Two 45 Single
    Plus some other Studio Demos and Live Tracks.

         Also below you will find the RocklineMusicVault Wayback Video Archives which include some "USA Hotspots" Appearances, and also  "Variety Club Telethon"Appearances.
       Noel left the band Pegasus along with Mike to start a power trio called “CHILDREN"  with Mitch Schecter on drums.

       After Noels departure, Keith Kashner joined  the band Pegasus for a short stent as Keith and Eggman had visions of starting there own band called “Prowler”. This lineup was  Keith(vocals), Eggman (guitar). Ron Kayfield (guitar), Buddy Cash (bass), Anthony Riccibono (drums), Rick Criniti (guitar)..
       Prowler did well in the circuit but disbanded early 1981 due to ample opportunities such as... Eggman touring with "CHUBBY CHECKERS", Ron Kayfield going on the OZ tour with "WAYSTED", Anthony Riccibono touring with "ROBERT HAZARD",
    and Rick Criniti playing with “CINDERELLA" 


        Children disbanded and Noel reformed Pegasus with Mitch Shecter (drums),John Cooper (keyboards), and Roger Girke (guitars). Pegasus and Prowler actually played a summer together at the rainbow club in Wildwood.


        After the summer of 81 Keith Kashner was hired to front (you guessed it) Pegasus and the following years were the most                 successful span of the band 
        This lineup changed a few times but stayed on course with Records (Rick Difonzo from the “As" produced), Tv and  Radio.
    Band Members Between 1982-1986 were: 
            Keith Kashner (vocals Guitar /Harmonica)    Noel Haggerty (bass/ vocals)  Joe Amedio (Keyboard /Vocals )
            Gary Deren (drums / vocals)    Jerry Helm ( Guitar / Vocals)    Mike Snyder (Drums)   Billy Serto (guitar)