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      Timberlake    was a Southern New Jersey Original Band that appeared in the Late 70's as a New Project with some of  the members of Glory Road.
    The group played mostly originals, with a few
    select covers from the Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, Randy Newman, and Jesse Winchester.
      Here you can hear some of the restored Live Concert from the Labor Day Festival in Millville, NJ  from 1978.
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    Band Members:
    Ernie Trionfo - Guitar, Vocals
    Dan Lynch - Organ, Vocals
    Dennis Davilio - Bass, Vocals
    Joe Bocchetti - Piano
    Mike Spina - Drums
    Very Blurry Pictures We Found Of The Show
    We will be adding more tracks as we go thru the tape archives and see what tapes survived from over 40 years ago.

    Watch for more recordings from The Saloon of
    Timberlake and Dr T's Rock & Roll Circus 
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